Monday, 17 January 2011

I've got an Award!

This is the first time ever I've received an award - just great and thank you my lil friend Nic who is the one and only supercutetilly

Now to list 7 things bout myself - well er....
1. Just don't do dresses only when I worked - generally a tom boy
2. Love music and especially Jazz & Country & Western
3. Should do more with my spare time but don't?
4. Need to see more of my brother & sister but they live abroad - won't pay my ticket
5. Absolutely love all animals but can't have one cos live in a flat!
6. Really enjoy walking (hiking that is) not shopping and
7. in fact shopping really bores me!

Well Nic thank you again for the award but just cannot think who to pass it onto and cannot award you with it even though you deserve it.

Thank you!


  1. Thanks for all your support Liz, you deserve it :-)

  2. just trying to picture you in a dress - er no lol


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