Thursday, 26 May 2011

Trying to visit blogs and leave comments...

Sorry that I've not left any comments on your blogs but for some unknown reason when it comes to posting comments just wont let me do it and keeps asking me to sign in - so this is just a short note explaining the situation.


  1. Aren't things like that annoying! Hope your well, and I look forward to your return.

    Sarah x

  2. What a silly machine it is! Never mind you've always left me plenty of comments and I've not much to blog about these days anyway so no great loss at my place. I hope your week has gone well and you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Hi Lizzie
    Hope you get this. Those stamps are amongst their newest releases, released the end of last year. I will put the link on my Blog if you want to check back.
    In the U.K. you can get them from LB Crafts if you don't want to order from the USA.


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